If December snuck up on you as quickly as it did for us, it’s understandable if you overlooked some of last month’s headlines. Catch up on your reading with this quick snapshot of November’s biggest food industry stories.

#1 Top 10 OSHA Violations in Food Manufacturing in 2018

Between October 2017 and September 2018, the food manufacturing industry accumulated just over $7 million in OSHA fines. From lockout/tagout to respiratory protection, here we cover this year’s most-cited violations in the food manufacturing industry.

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#2 What the 2018 Election Results Mean for the Food Industry

A record-breaking midterm election yielded a handful of results that have significant implications for the food industry. In this article, we discuss what voter decisions on grocery tax bans, minimum wage increases, recreational marijuana possession and use, and more mean for the industry going forward.

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#3 Generation Z: Diverse, Connected, and Set to Change the Food Industry

Generation Z is poised to rock the food industry as they start to enter the workforce and purchase their own groceries. Read about how the generation’s demographics, hyper-connected lifestyle, taste for healthy foods, and more present new opportunities for food companies.

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#4 Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN’s On-Farm Digital Platform Connects Farmers, Food Companies in End-to-End Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is top of mind for food brands and consumers alike, but it’s challenging to quantify efforts across the supply chain. That’s just the problem Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, in tandem with Truterra™ Insights Engine, is hoping to solve.

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#5 Plant-Based Fare Expected to Rule Supreme, Flavor Boundaries Will Be Pushed in 2019: Whole Foods Trends Report

Notoriously trendy Whole Foods recently released its annual trends report, and it’s chock-full of exciting predictions. From plant-based foods to fancy snacks and water-lily seeds, here are some of the things the retailer believes will be popping up on menus and grocery store shelves in the coming months.

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