Food prices rose for the second month in a row, according to the most recent CPI report. October saw a 0.2% increase, slightly higher than September’s 0.1% increase.

Food at home 

The overall price index for food at home, which was unchanged in September, grew by 0.3% last month. This marks the largest monthly increase since May. 

Price indexes rose for four of the major grocery store food groups in October. After a significant decline in September, prices for fruits and vegetables went up by 0.9%, thanks to a 1.6% increase for fresh fruits. Although exact percentages were not published in the report, the indexes for dairy and related products and for other food at home also rose. Cereal and bakery products and nonalcoholic beverages both experienced declines. 

  • Fruits and vegetables: +0.9% (vs. -1.0% in September)
  • Meat, poultry, fish, and eggs: +0.6% (vs. +0.3% in September)
  • Nonalcoholic beverages: -0.3% (vs. +0.1% in September)
  • Cereals and bakery products: -0.1% (vs. +0.5% in September)

Overall, the price index for food at home has increased by 1.0% over the past year, with all food group indexes experiencing growth. Dairy and related products saw the highest increase in this period (1.8%).  

Food away from home

Prices for food away from home continued to increase in October, with the index rising by 0.2%. Both limited and full service meals increased by the same amount:

  • Limited service meals: +0.2%
  • Full service meals: +0.2%

With an increase every month, the 12-month unadjusted index change for food away from home is now +3.3%.