The Drive EHS Learning Management System, developed and powered by TriMedia Environmental & Engineering, is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for safety managers to automate their safety training program, digitize their recordkeeping, and declutter their to-do list.

Drive EHS Learning Management System (LMS) Benefits

  • Assign training. Automatically assign training by job requirement, employee status, department, and more.
  • Generate reports. Effortlessly report on training credentials, compliance status,  training history, and more.
  • Organize records. Be prepared for audits and inspections with an easy-to-use digital recordkeeping system.


  • Select from a vast training library. Get unlimited access to 55+ online safety courses to meet your specific needs.

  • Host your internal training courses. Host, assign, and track your internally-developed courses or have our team of EHS professionals design custom courses for you.

  • Stay compliant. Quickly generate reports and identify action items to gain regulatory compliance.

  • Automate reminders. View the training status of your entire workforce and automatically send reminders when employee training is overdue.

  • Deliver bilingual courses. Deliver courses in both English and Spanish when available.

  • Enable on the go safety training. Complete training courses on a computer or mobile device.

  • Provide group training. Provide any course to multiple people in a classroom or group lecture setting.

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