Innovative Keto Company Reinvents Ice Cream with Unbelievable Taste, Texture, and Quality Ingredients 

BOISE, IDAHO – Killer Creamery is proud to announce the launch of a new, creamier, and lower net carb recipe across all of their delicious ice cream flavors. The original keto ice cream company has improved its recipe including creamier texture, the addition of allulose as a sweetener, C8 MCT Oil and a prebiotic fiber. New to Keto? Keto is more than just a buzzword, it’s a nutritional way of life rooted in research that can back up its benefits. With a 100 year history and growing body of health-improving scientific evidence, the ketogenic diet isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay and we have the only keto ice cream that can help you live this lifestyle to the fullest! Founded by a food scientist who was the first to bring keto ice cream to market, innovation is in Killer Creamery’s DNA. Searching for new and exciting ways to improve our products is part of our team’s daily process, and we’re proud to announce: we’re taking ice cream to a whole new level! Here’s the scoop on our newly improved, and oh-so-delicious, recipe.

  • Allulose kicks off our A-list line up with a sweet 4g per serving in every pint. Allulose is the new kid on the sweetener block and is actually considered a rare sugar found in nature. Despite its close resemblance to the traditional stuff, it has one tenth of the calories as table sugar. Allulose can be found naturally in small amounts of foods that you’re probably already very familiar with including figs, maple syrup, and raisins. Allulose has been shown to not have an impact on blood sugar, so be sure to subtract it (along with fiber and sugar alcohols) when calculating a product’s net carbohydrate content.

  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are molecules found naturally in coconut and palm oil. Our MCT oil (C8 or, more specifically, caprylic acid), is sourced from coconut oil. MCT’s are NOT coconut oil, rather they exist in coconut oil along with other fats and types of MCTs. Your body can rapidly convert MCT’s into ketones as they are digested differently than other fats. Once consumed, they are sent directly to the liver to be converted into ketones. Often referred to as a super-fuel, ketones are an alternative energy source that are produced by the body when in a fasted state or on a ketogenic diet. Research is showing that a ketogenic diet, and even ketones themselves, may provide great health benefits including improved mitochondrial function, lowered inflammation, increased brain function, and an overall improvement in energy, among other things.

  • We strategically chose to use a prebiotic fiber in our ice cream called Soluble Corn Fiber. Unlike other fibers on the market, our fiber of choice has more than double the stomach tolerance, meaning it’s unlikely that you’ll experience stomach issues after eating it. Soluble Corn Fiber is broken down and digested by the bacteria in your gut and converted into short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), including an extra-special SCFA called Butyrate. This short chain fatty acid has been shown in research to offer many potential health benefits including anti-inflammatory effects, cardiovascular system benefits, improved insulin sensitivity and much more.

Louis Armstrong, founder of Killer Creamery, elaborates on the updates stating, “As a food scientist my overall goal is always to introduce the best tasting, cleanest, and most innovative products to the market. This recipe update tastes and scoops just like old fashioned ice cream but without all the added nonsense like sugar.”

Killer Creamery invites the public to give this new recipe a try and grab a pint from their favorite retail locations. The texture will surprise you, the taste will delight you and the lowered net carb count will have your body thanking you.

Killer Creamery, a leader in healthy frozen desserts in the United States, is renowned for their keto-friendly ice cream. The frozen dessert maker is based in the Pacific Northwest, in Boise, Idaho. Killer Creamery products are available in 2300+ retailers nationwide. To learn more about Killer Creamery and their improved recipe, please visit:

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