Purchasing power and sourcing resources for the food and beverage industry.

CHICAGO, Illinois, January 2021 – QCS Purchasing, LLC, Allied Purchasing, Quality Chekd Dairies, and South East Cooperative Organization (SECO) has announced the completed merger of their business operations to form the new QCS Purchasing Cooperative. The merger brought members, programs, operations, finances, staff, and all other business functions into one consolidated organization to create the largest purchasing cooperative of its kind.

Current members will see very little change in their day-to-day interaction with the cooperative, with the biggest impact from the merger being behind the scenes. Not only will members have access to the same programs they have today, but will be introduced to new programs and services.

QCS Purchasing Cooperative will deliver additional savings and sourcing solutions to help members achieve lower costs on products and services.

  • Increased Buying Power: Combining the four cooperatives increased the buying power for all members.
  • Additional Sourcing: Additional suppliers were brought over from the merged cooperatives. The expanded listing of approved supply partners will help members source products for the lowest price possible in categories such as corrugate, logistics, resin, printing/packaging, and other value-added services.
  • More Resources: In addition to their normal account managers, members now have access to subject matter experts (SMEs) with deep industry knowledge and a members-only website where they can find resources including a directory of approved programs, market information, regulatory updates, communications, and more.
  • Expanded Networking Opportunities and Knowledge-Sharing Among Members: QCS Purchasing Cooperative hosts an annual leadership conference featuring numerous networking activities, educational sessions, awards presentations, supplier workshops, and a supplier trade show.

“We are excited for all members to take advantage of the increased buying power and expertise of this new cooperative. We now have the opportunity to expand our strengths into more segments of the food and beverage industry. QCS Purchasing Cooperative is now the largest purchasing cooperative of its kind and will be the leading provider of purchasing and value-added services for its members. As we unlock more efficiencies and synergies in the organization, we will be able to reinvest resources into more value-added activities to drive new programs and reinvigorate old ones. This is where we wanted to be in the future.” Ken Klug, President, and CEO, QCS Purchasing Cooperative.

To learn more about QCS Purchasing Cooperative or to inquire about membership, visit  www.qcspurchasing.com

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About QCS Purchasing Cooperative

QCS Purchasing Cooperative is a member-owned, managed to not generate a profit buying group for companies engaged in food and beverage production. By aggregating purchases of common supplies, QCS Purchasing Cooperative provides members with access to high-quality goods and services at the lowest possible total cost. More than 200 national supplier-partners provide solutions in a wide variety of categories. For more information about QCS Purchasing Cooperative organization or membership, please visit QCSPurchasing.com.

Ken Klug, President and CEO
QCS Purchasing Cooperative
(641) 423-1824