Summer is an opportunity to change up routines, spend more time outside, and celebrate with friends and family. It’s also a time when consumers are more likely to be adventurous with their food choices, including trying out new plant-based products. 

Here are five plant-based trends Whole Foods expects to heat up this summer. 

An artisan upgrade for cheese alternatives

As formulators continue to refine plant-based cheese, the next step is expanding into gourmet-style textures and flavors. The same techniques used to craft dairy cheeses for the charcuterie board are now enriching nut milk-based cheeses, making them perfect for picnics and parties this summer. Some of the latest flavors on the market include sea salt and pepper, black garlic truffle, and classic chive. 

New additions to the grill lineup 

Vegan and vegetarian consumers won’t have to feel left out of barbeque get-togethers this summer. This year’s grill favorites might include plant-based burgers, hot dogs, and sausages made with ingredients like jackfruit, tempeh, and algae-based casings.

Kid-approved summer snacks

Getting kids to eat their daily servings of fruits and vegetables has never been easier. Brands are developing products that look and taste like familiar favorites — yogurt tubes, ice pops, and nuggets, for example — but are packed with plant-based ingredients to take along on summer adventures. 

Satisfying seafood substitutes

Seafood alternatives are making waves in the plant-based market. Using ingredients like legumes and banana blossoms, brands have been successful at mirroring the flaky texture of real fish while creating unique flavor experiences. So there will be plenty of plant-based substitutes for fish sticks, tuna, and scallops to reel in this summer. 

Spreadable dips for flavorful bites

Some dishes need a finishing touch. From dips in familiar flavors like ranch, queso, and French onion to spreads, smears, and sauces that top off snacks and sandwiches — there’s no shortage of plant-based options to top off summer favorites.  

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