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Inecta Food is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution powered by Microsoft. Our mission is to bring food businesses into the digital age with stellar ERP software and outstanding customer service. Our cloud-based and on-premises offerings are designed to take your food business to the next level by streamlining virtually all your daily processes and eliminate the need for manual task execution and/or data entry. What previously was accomplished through countless hours of tedious, manual entry is now completely streamlined through automated features within Inecta Food’s software. Inecta’s highly experienced product developers have worked tirelessly to create a solution that serves virtually every type of food business. Whether you’re a food manufacturer, a seafood catcher, or a produce grower, Inecta Food has the perfect solution to fit your business’s specific needs. Inecta prides itself on its extensive knowledge of the food industry and is composed of a dedicated team of consultants, salespeople, developers, and engineers that collectively boast decades of experience working with food businesses. Inecta Food’s full suite of ERP solutions is designed specifically based on the individual needs of each respective industry. Regardless of whether you’re a produce packer/shipper or an aquaculture specialist, Inecta has the perfect solution to propel your business to new heights. Inecta Food is synonymous with efficiency and productivity. That is our goal, and that is our mindset.

At Inecta Food, we pride our software on its several core functionalities that many, if not all our verticals benefit from. These essential features we created to eliminate persistent headaches plaguing much of the food industry and simplifying processes across the board. Inecta Food can pinpoint and isolate your business’s pain points, drawing upon the countless years of experience our team has working hands-on with various kinds of food companies just like yours. Though not all food businesses indeed require the same solution, several key features are essential. These features are equipped with your Inecta Food solution right out of the box and are immediately available to you upon implementation.

Lot traceability

The ability to significantly decrease the risk of product recall is paramount for any food business. With Inecta Food’s Lot Traceability feature, you can track and trace backward and forwards throughout the supply chain. Stamp out the chance of a recall by monitoring every lot upon its creation until the moment it is purchased by the customer. Maintain food safety standards by enlisting the help of Inecta Food’s secure Lot Traceability feature. In addition, this feature offers your business things like actual vs. estimate cost analysis, lot attributes, peak lot visibility, storage costs, advanced lot management reporting, and minimum expiration date for customers.  

Warehouse management

Keeping your warehouse in pristine order is not always an easy endeavor to take on. However, with Inecta Food, you can use any Android-powered scan gun to automatically store product information into the Inecta Food system. With cutting-edge sorting and accountability, Inecta Food will keep your product in good standing order until it is shipped out of the warehousing stage and onto the buyer. In addition, with the Warehouse Management tool you can accomplish tasks like manage PO receipts, create pallets of multiple items for put away, convert raw materials into WIP, leverage quality control info, verify inventory’s location, and so much more.

Quality control

Maintaining the integrity of your product is imperative. When it comes to food businesses, your product’s reputation can determine the success or failure of a company. That’s why Inecta Food designed a feature specifically intended to ensure that the quality of your product remains intact throughout every phase of the supply chain. The Quality Control feature within Inecta Food’s core functionality reinforces businesses by elevating the standard, making product quality a main priority. Track and account for every single ingredient that goes into an item, guaranteeing the safety and quality of your product from the production line to your customers’ table. With the Quality Control feature, you can easily do things like setting up quality control inspections, ensure task completion, maintain quality data collection, leverage COA reports, avoid cross-contamination, and so much more.

Transportation management

Another essential feature that many kinds of food companies can leverage is Inecta Food’s superior Transportation Management system. The Transportation Management functionality provides a multitude of screens and reports that provide the shipment managers with planned routes and shipments on any given day, within the week of the order. Logistics can be rough, especially when you need to account for numerous routes, several trucks or vessels, and a multitude of customer destinations. Inecta Food makes things easier by making sure the transportation of your product is a priority, and that every single shipment arrives on time to its point of destination without any hiccups. With the Transportation Management system, you can also manage shipment routes, trace product journeys, predefine routes simultaneously, link shipping agent info, and make quick invoices for transportation expenses. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. The Transportation Management system can take your product to where it needs to go with poise and precision.


For our food customers, we offer a fully integrated electronic data interchange (EDI) system with the ability to accept and return electronic documents with unbelievable convenience. Inecta’s design allows you to connect to your respective customers and vendors directly. Inecta Food can help accommodate your e-document needs and preferences with ease and precision. Inecta makes the exchange of electric documents a snap with optimized EDI capability. Inecta-EDI comes standard, right out of the box upon full integration with Inecta Food. Inecta-EDI is offered both as direct EDI to customers, as well as vendors. Also, with Inecta-EDI, food customers may connect to a value-added network (VAN).

Inecta Food’s mission is to completely revolutionize the food industry with state-of-the-art software designed to optimize company operations and workflows. Inecta Food is capable of elevating virtually every kind of food business. Whether you’re a wine manufacturer, seafood catcher, meat processor, or produce grower, Inecta has the perfect solution to fit your needs. Our goal of innovating the food industry drives us forward, with robust technology that is capable of all customizations. Innovation also means improving on existing functionalities. Our customers will enjoy frequent and automatic upgrades to our system, in keeping with Inecta’s commitment to constant improvement. We believe that software that is stagnating cannot hope to achieve the level of efficiency our customers depend on and expect. That’s why our proven team of product developers is constantly tapping into each sub-industry to find out what they need, and what they are currently struggling with. Inecta knows that not every food business is the same. That’s exactly why Inecta Food did its homework and developed a plethora of verticals to accommodate all food businesses.

As a company, Inecta Food’s mission is to do whatever it takes to provide the best possible product to food businesses. Food is our language. If you are a manufacturer, trader, shipper, processor, or any kind of procurer of food, Inecta is the right ERP solution for you.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to have a discovery conversation and even set up a personalized demo, if you like. Feel free to contact us or book a meeting.