Sample of lab grown beef labeled Cultured Meat on wooden table. Space for text

Over half of US and UK consumers have heard of lab-grown (aka cultured or cultivated) meat, and just under 1 in 5 are eager to try it, according to a new survey released by Piplsay. While lab-grown meat is gaining in popularity, the majority of respondents said they preferred real meat in the long run over either lab-grown or fake (i.e., plant-based) meat.

Interest in alternative meat products is driven largely by concerns about the impact of meat production on the environment — roughly two-thirds of meat eaters in the survey expressed this concern. Respondents were most interested in lab-grown meat because it eliminates the need to harm or kill animals, followed by lower emissions by reducing demand for livestock. Less than a quarter feel that lab-grown meat is healthier and safer than real meat.

Top three lab-grown meat companies US consumers are familiar with:

  1. SuperMeat (26%)
  2. Memphis Meats (now UPSIDE Foods, 15%)
  3. Aleph Farms (13%)

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