Unibloc Pump, a US-based Provider of Sanitary Flow Control Solutions, Acquires Flotronic Pumps, a UK-based Diaphragm Pump Pioneer

Kennesaw, Georgia – September 8, 2021 – Unibloc Pump, a 37-year leader in the manufacture of positive displacement pumps, strainers, valves, bubble traps, and other solutions for sanitary flow control applications, today announced the acquisition of Flotronic Pumps, a UK-based manufacturer of specialized,  air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps, and associated accessories. Founded in 1990, Flotronic  Pumps has a global reputation as the inventor of the ‘One Nut’ AODD pump. Flotronic Pumps’ pioneering  single bolt design significantly reduces process downtime by simplifying pump assembly / disassembly, providing savings in maintenance costs along with best-in-class air pump performance. Flotronic Pumps  serves more than 1,000 global companies operating manufacturing facilities of iconic brands in food and  beverage, consumer product goods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other critical process manufacturing  applications.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Flotronic Pumps will be solely owned by US-based Unibloc  Pump while retaining its name, Flotronic Pumps Ltd. Joining the leadership team at Flotronic Pumps as  chief executive officer will be Chris Stevens, the CEO of Unibloc Pump. Stevens will provide commercial  leadership with strengths in business-to-business marketing, channel management, sales, and overall  business management.

“This acquisition is a perfect hand-in-glove fit for Unibloc Pump.” Stevens said. “Unibloc Pump and Flotronic  Pumps are ready to drive accelerated growth by offering customers products and solutions fueled by our  passions for innovation, safety, and simplicity in maintenance to avoid downtime and increase efficiencies,”  Stevens added.

Through the leadership of owner Stuart Whitehouse and the deep expertise of Director of Sales Leighton  Jones, Flotronic Pumps has witnessed significant growth in Europe, as well as North America.

“What we really like most of all about joining the Unibloc Pump family is that we share many of the same  cultural values of simplicity in product design, quality in products, unabashed customer-focus, deep industry  expertise, and a penchant for strong innovation,” said Jones. “These qualities will ensure that Unibloc Pump  and Flotronic Pumps will be successful moving forward by flourishing through common bonds,” added  Jones.

“Important to this acquisition is that both companies share complementary market footprints,” commented  Whitehouse. “The combination will enable Unibloc Pump to grow its UK and European business, while also  giving Flotronic Pumps an unmatched North American foothold. That should pay off in greater market  coverage and increased overall value delivered to the customer,” Whitehouse added.

Unibloc Pump seeks to expand its vision to build a global sanitary flow control platform that delivers  operational excellence, while targeting highly regulated hygienic end market applications, such as food and  beverage, meat and poultry, and pharmaceutical processing. Unibloc Pump’s investment in Flotronic  Pumps will provide resources to allow both companies to continue to grow and strengthen their global  businesses.

The acquisition will allow Flotronic Pumps to leverage Unibloc Pump’s operational, manufacturing, sales,  and distribution capabilities in North America out of its Kennesaw, GA facility. Likewise, Unibloc Pump will  utilize Flotronic Pumps’ operations, manufacturing, sales, and distribution footprint in the United Kingdom  and other European markets to further complement Unibloc’s existing European operation, Unibloc-R&H 

GmbH, based in Beckum, Germany.

Unibloc Pump is a portfolio company of May River Capital, a Chicago-based private equity firm devoted to  helping high-caliber, lower middle-market industrial businesses grow and thrive. May River Capital takes  pride in its unique approach and track record of building businesses through long-term partnership and  collaboration. Its leadership team has broad experience helping promising companies become successful  mid-size industrial businesses.


Since 1984, Unibloc Pump has provided manufacturers in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, bakery  and confection, meat and poultry, brewery, and transportation industries with precision-engineered sanitary  pumps, strainers, valves, bubble traps, and other accessory products to tackle the toughest sanitary jobs.  Unibloc Pump is the premier designer of efficient, easy-to-clean pumps that help customers fight downtime,  achieve a lower cost of operation, and meet deadlines with confidence. For more information, please visit  www.uniblocpump.com.


Based in West Sussex, United Kingdom and founded in 1990, Flotronic Pumps is a manufacturer of  specialized AODD pumps and associated accessories. Flotronic’s products take performance far beyond  traditional style AODD pump technology with a distinctive single bolt design that allows for in-line assembly  / disassembly to be accomplished quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing process downtime, while  providing best-in-class performance. For more information, please visit www.flotronic pumps.com.


May River Capital is a Chicago-based private equity firm focused on investing in lower middle-market,  industrial growth companies. May River Capital invests in high-quality industrial growth businesses,  including precision manufacturing, engineered products and instrumentation, specialized industrial  services, and value-added industrial distribution services. For more information, please visit  www.mayrivercapital.com.