From delicious beverages and indulgent snacks to easy family meals, here’s this week’s lineup of new product launches. 

NotCo: NotMilk™ Chocolate

Made through its patented AI technology, NotCo launched NotMilk™ Chocolate, a new plant-based product with the taste and functionality of its animal-based equivalent. 

Though NotMilk™ Chocolate contains plant-based ingredients like peas, pineapple, cabbage, and cocoa, the company claims it captures the rich flavor of animal-based chocolate milk with less sugar. It’s also a good source of calcium, vitamins D and B12, and potassium. 

NotMilk™ Chocolate is available in 8 oz. or 64 oz. cartons.

MONAT: Vegan Protein

MONAT recently announced a vanilla-flavored, grit-free vegan protein powder made from plant-based superfoods including peas, pumpkin, sunflower, chia, watermelon, and rice, as well as a blend of mushrooms and amino acids. Each serving contains 20g of protein, 0g of sugar, 1.5g carbs, and 100 calories. 

The powder is also free of common allergens and synthetic flavors, colors, and sweeteners. 

MONAT Vegan Powder is available in a 29.6 oz pouch for $85. 

Nestlé: Rallies Nut Butter Bombs

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Nestlé recently announced its Rallies Nut Butter Bombs in Brownie Almond Butter and Salted Cashew Butter varieties. The company is also planning to release a Raspberry Peanut Butter variety early next year.

The chilled snacks make great treats or pick-me-ups. They have less added sugar than similar candies and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Each package contains three “bombs” for $2.49, or consumers can purchase a box of six packages for $19.99.

Bonne Maman: Herbal Teas

To help warm up the cold season, Bonne Maman launched a new line of premium organic teas made with whole flowers, fruits, and herbs. The hand-blended varieties include Dream, Contentment, Vitality, Serenity, and Sweet Delight.

All teas are available in a box of sachets for $6.49 or a 1.41 oz. bag of loose leaf tea for $8.99.

Mosaic Foods: Family Meals

As part of its efforts to make plant-based eating easier, Mosaic Foods released its Family Meals product line of several varieties — BBQ “Meatloaf” & Sweet Potato Mash, Broccoli Cheddar Mac & Cheese, Buffalo Cauliflower Bake, Curried Lentil Shepherd’s Pie, Enchilada Verde Bake, Italian “Sausage” & Pumpkin Lasagna, Lasagna Primavera, Penne alla Vodka, Sweet Potato Chili Bake, Thai Peanut Curry, Veggie Pot Pie, and Yellow Dal Curry. 

Family Meals are a follow-up to Mosaic’s single-serve entrees and provide families with healthy, zero-prep frozen meal options. All meals are chef-crafted, include local ingredients, and feature flavors and toppings that give them a home-cooked look and taste. 

Family Meals are available through Mosaic’s website, priced at $4.99 per serving.

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