Panda Express Commits to Source 100% Cage-Free Eggs Worldwide

The Open Wing Alliance urges Five Guys to do the same

(New York, NY – March 22, 2022)—Panda Express has today announced a global cage-free animal welfare policy, committing to source 100 percent cage-free eggs and egg products for all of its restaurant locations. Its critical commitment follows the trend of other restaurant industry leaders adopting similar cage-free policies around the world, as well as the release of the Global Cage-Free Restaurant Report.

In addition to Panda Express, more than 2,000 cage-free policies—including 100 global commitments—to end the use of battery cages have been made by some of the largest companies in the world, including Burger King, Dunkin’, Krispy Kreme, Unilever, Nestlé, Aldi, InterContinental Hotels, Sodexo, Kraft Heinz, Compass Group, Shake Shack, Famous Brands, Costa Coffee, and Barilla. However, leading brands like Five Guys refuse to take steps to improve the treatment of the hens who are raised to lay eggs within its massive supply chains.

“We’re pleased that Panda Express is taking significant steps towards improving the treatment of egg-laying hens raised for its menu items,” says Aaron Ross, Vice President of Policy and Strategy, The Humane League. “Consumers are demanding more humane standards for animals raised for food, and Panda Express is responding appropriately by committing to the removal of cruel battery cages from its supply chains.

“Restaurants worldwide are eliminating cages altogether, though brands like Five Guys fail even to address some of the most basic improvements to their treatment of animals,” says Alexandria Beck, Director of the Open Wing Alliance. “Consumer demand for better welfare is growing every day. These restaurants need to start listening to their customers by putting a stop to the needless animal abuse taking place every day in their supply chains.”

The public campaigns leading up to this animal welfare policy commitment were led by member organizations of the Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition united to improve the welfare of chickens raised in factory farms worldwide. Activists from 80 influential animal protection organizations in 63 countries joined forces to demand better from Panda Express.

Why go cage-free?

Confined hens live in cramped, filthy cages with six to ten other birds—each with no more room than the space of an iPad. The cages are so small and crowded that hens cannot engage in their natural or instinctive behaviors. Often, their bodies are caught in the caging, resulting in fractured or broken bones, deformities, and severe feather loss. Some hens, unable to move, end up trampled to death by their cage mates. Eliminating cage systems significantly improves the wellbeing of the hens raised in supply chains. While there is more to be done to make long-term changes to their quality of life, this is a significant first step for egg-laying hens.

For more information about the Open Wing Alliance, please visit Follow along with the cage-free movement on Twitter @GlobalCageFree.

About the Open Wing Alliance

The Open Wing Alliance is a global coalition of animal protection organizations focused on creating a unified front in our campaign to end the abuse of chickens worldwide. The alliance was founded in 2016 by The Humane League and has grown into a global force with 80 member organizations changing the way the world’s biggest companies treat animals and setting a new standard for corporate animal welfare policies locally—in every major market—and globally

About The Humane League

The Humane League is a global nonprofit that exists to end the abuse of animals raised for food. Since its founding in 2005, The Humane League has focused on effectively ending the worst abuses in factory farming, securing strong animal welfare commitments from major foodservice providers, restaurants, food manufacturers, and hospitality leaders around the world, changing the lives of billions of farm animals suffering everyday.

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