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It’s time to catch up on the latest happenings within the food and beverage industry. Our top articles for July include an overview of vertical farming, highlights from IFT FIRST, and a guide for finding the right sustainable packaging for your brand.

#1. Vertical Farms: The Next Big Thing for Food Businesses

This guest post by CJ Pakeltis highlights how vertical farming could be the solution to a variety of challenges facing America’s food supply. This method of farming allows crops to be grown and delivered more efficiently and reliably, among a host of other benefits. Innovations around vertical farming are expected in the coming years.

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Industry Report - Software Trends 2022

#2. Food Trends Shine a Light on Soyfoods

This sponsored article by the United Soybean Board reveals that plant-based meat and dairy are expected to grow through 2024, and the use of soybean oil could have many benefits for restaurants and consumers. Soyfoods made with U.S. soy are also versatile and align with sustainability goals.

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#3. [Updated] Dispatches from IFT FIRST: Food Trends, Workforce, Innovation

This series of updates from IFT FIRST chronicles the extensive programming presented at this show. Topics ranged from plant-based protein innovations to workforce trends, including remote work and pay parity. An array of plant-based proteins were also discussed, with options such as algae, hemp, and pulse proteins presented. 

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#4. Americans Blame Inflation on Biden, Supply Chain More Than the Pandemic: Consumer Brands Association

Grocery inflation is impacting consumers, with almost three-quarters (72%) saying it had a significant impact on their household budget. Consumers’ perceptions of who is responsible for this inflation have shifted since February, when 3 in 10 (30%) blamed the pandemic. Current findings reveal that nearly the same percentage (29%) now blame Biden’s policies, closely followed by the supply chain (27%).

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#5. A Guide to Finding the Right Sustainable Packaging for Your Brand

The majority (83%) of consumers under 40 are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. This article by guest author Michael Waas discusses the importance of the sustainable packaging and provides a guide to help brands select the right packaging for their products.

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