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High oleic soybean oil boasts many benefits when compared to conventional oils and brings many attractive traits to the table. Heart-healthy with an improved fat profile, high oleic soybean oil is sustainably grown by North American farmers. Additionally, high oleic soybean oil has a longer shelf life and an extended fry life.

Better-for-you qualities

With no trans-fat, high oleic soybean oil has an improved fat profile when compared to conventional oils and has a fatty acid composition like olive oil, the oil that consumers view as the best for a healthy diet.

A recent comprehensive review concluded that replacing oils high in saturated fats with high oleic soybean oil may reduce coronary heart disease risk.1 The FDA recently authorized heart health claims for both conventional (commodity) soybean oil and high oleic soybean oil.2 Qualifying products may now be labeled as heart healthy,3 providing value to you and the end consumer looking to establish a better-for-you lifestyle.

High oleic soybean oil contains more than 70% oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid – making it comparable to high oleic canola oil and olive oil. Canola oil contains roughly 73%4 and corn oil contains around 27%.5

Longer lasting

When it comes to functionality, high oleic soybean oil has a longer shelf life and an extended fry life, providing improved resistance to oxidation and reduced buildup of polymers on foodservice equipment in high-heat applications. This means less equipment maintenance and lower operating costs for your business. High oleic soybean oil blends are also available for a customized functional solution tailored to product needs. It performs longer than standard vegetable oils in high-temperature and extended-use applications because of the heat and oxidative stability of the oil. The oxidative stability index of high oleic soybean oil is greater than 25 hours, which translates to cost savings for foodservice operations.6

American grown

High oleic soybeans are grown in the United States of America. High oleic soybean oil use and consumption support American farmers, businesses, and the agriculture industry in general, and is sustainably grown by farm families across the country.

Learn more about the sustainable practices of U.S. soybean farmers, and additional benefits high oleic soybean oil provides to the foodservice industry by visiting


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