JBT’s PLF International Grows Portfolio with PLF VGS™

The improved vacuum gassing seamer offers new sustainability benefits while continuing to provide the highest levels of safety, hygiene and quality in the infant formula sector.

LAKELAND, Fla. (Sept. 8, 2022) — JBT Corporation’s PLF International, a leading technology solutions provider to the global food and beverage industry, announces the launch of its new PLF VGS™ vacuum gassing seamer, an exceedingly sustainable gassing solution. For the last three decades, PLF International has maintained its industry leading reputation for producing technology solutions that provide the highest levels of safety, hygiene and quality.

As the optimal choice for slow speed applications, PLF VGS™ processes up to 30 cans per minute with  low gas consumption of 21cm³ per hour, which provides a smaller footprint than other existing technologies on clean room floors. The solution’s vacuum gassing and seaming operations are carried out separately in the PLF design. This allows container rims to be sealed during the vacuum-gassing process and keeps them clean for subsequent seaming, preventing powder from migrating out of containers. Customers also benefit from the technology’s efficient changeovers of multiple SKU short runs via the solution’s single seaming head and realistically achievable Reverse Osmosis (RO) levels of 1% or less.

“PLF VGS™ adds to PLF International’s ever-growing portfolio of industry-leading technology, providing customers across the globe with premium efficiency, safety, hygiene, and quality,” said Amedeo Scapin, Global Director at PLF International. “PLF International continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the infant formula sector, and the arrival of PLF VGS™reaffirms our commitment to continuous improvement.”

PLF VGS™ was developed in conjunction with the JBT Research Technology Center for Filling & Closing in Sint Niklaas, Belgium. The technology utilizes techniques that PLF has developed over many years in vacuum-based powder filling to minimize the loss of powder during the vacuum and gassing process and reduce the risk of product contamination.

“We are proud of the PLF International team for providing the safest and most effective technology to their customers through the addition of PLF VGS™,” said Carlos Fernandez, Executive Vice President of JBT Corporation and President, Diversified Food and Health. “The production of safe, high quality infant formula is critical, and PLF International continues to exceed expectations in the development of the safest, most hygienic technology available to processors today.”

To learn more about JBT’s PLF International, please visit here. You can also learn more about each of JBT’s technologies and business units by visiting https://www.jbtc.com.

About PLF International

Since 1994, PLF International has designed and manufactured what is considered to be one of the most flexible, gentle handling, user-friendly powder filling machines – for rigid and semi-rigid containers – in the world. PLF International joined the JBT family of brands through its acquisition in 2017 and is headquartered in Ardleigh (Essex), England.

About JBT

JBT Corporation (NYSE: JBT) is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food & beverage industry with focus on proteins, diversified food and health segments and automated system solutions. JBT designs, produces and services sophisticated products and systems for multi-national and regional customers through its FoodTech segment. JBT also sells critical equipment and services to domestic and international air transportation customers through its AeroTech segment. JBT Corporation employs approximately 6,200 people worldwide and operates sales, service, manufacturing and sourcing operations in more than 25 countries. To learn more about JBT FoodTech, connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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