CASSEL Inspection Awarded Project to Provide Four Custom X-Ray Scanners for Plastic Food Tray Seal Integrity

The custom X-ray inspection systems will be manufactured especially for tray seal integrity and foreign body detection in ready-made meals.  

OAK CREEK, Wis. (October 24, 2022) – CASSEL Inspection, a leader in the design and construction of metal detection and x-ray inspection systems for industrial applications, announced it was awarded a project to manufacture four custom X-RAY SHARK XD38 systems. The machines will be produced for an Australian-based convenience food company to ensure tray seal integrity and foreign body detection in ready-made meals using plastic trays sealed with clear plastic. The custom solution will identify where food is spilled on areas of the tray that compromise seal integrity, in a variety of tray formats. Additionally, the x-ray system will identify physical contaminants within the food.

“Our team created a deep research and development plan to design an appropriate solution to identify leaks caused by plastic tray food spillage,” said Cord Cassel, managing director of CASSEL Inspection. “This groundwork, in addition to our history of creating custom inspection solutions like the innovative X-RAY SHARK with product conformity inspection capabilities, will ensure our customer receives the highest level of product quality.”

Sealed trays are among the most important packaging for ready-made meals, and food industry manufacturers have to confirm the integrity of the packaging to reduce leakage. Inspection of the trays presents challenges, as food spillage during the filling process can compromise seal integrity. Standard international food regulatory requirements demand that every single container used in the food manufacturing and packaging process must be inspected for quality, including the presence of physical contaminants and leaks.

Cassel added, “Dedicated imaging evaluation algorithms and advanced imaging techniques allow our CASSEL Inspection team to identify deformed trays, spilled food inclusions in the seal, fill-level non-conformities, and foreign particles. After an evaluation of the processing requirements and specific characteristics of the packaging type, we designed and manufactured an in-line X-ray machine tailored for our customer, which features the most customized, unique, and advanced inspection technologies available today.”

CASSEL Inspection X-ray machines are modular to fit in a production environment, are equipped with algorithms that adapt to every unique product, and offer numerous pre-set options to make product changes efficient.

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