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PepsiCo will double the percentage of all beverage servings it sells delivered through reusable models for 10% to 20% by 2030, the company announced Monday. This is part of the pep+ sustainability program launched in 2021.

Pepsi will implement four approaches to achieve the new goal:

  • Expanding its SodaStream business, both at home and in workplaces through SodaStream Professional
  • Building out its refillable plastic (PET) and glass bottle offerings in partnership with PepsiCo bottlers
  • Growing its fountain drinks business with reusable cups
  • Accelerating growth in powders and concentrates

“Fundamentally transforming the traditional beverage consumption model will require making reusable and refillable options accessible and convenient, at scale, for consumers – and that’s what PepsiCo aims to do,” said Jim Andrew, Pepsi’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

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