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Looking to catch up on the latest food industry news? Our top 5 articles for April explore REV technology and its potential in healthy snacking, how companies can stretch the life of their manufacturing equipment, and cybersecurity and how companies up their defense mechanisms. 

#1. How New REV Technology Could Become a Game Changer for Healthy Snacks

This piece by guest author Neval Ceyhun explores the process of radiant energy under vacuum, also known as REV technology. This process uses microwave energy and vacuum pressure to produce high-speed, low-temperature food dehydration, and its potential benefits could be key in creating a healthier market of snacks.

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#2. Manufacturing Contracts for Fifth Month in a Row: March ISM Report

Manufacturing economic activity continued a trend of contraction for a fifth consecutive month. The food and beverage industry was one of 12 industries that reported contraction, but positive factors were also noted, such as lower raw material prices and faster supplier deliveries. 

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#3. Leaner Times for Food Processors May Call for Stretching the Life of Existing Equipment

In these challenging times, food processors may be cautious about making new investments. So guest author Bob Grote shares some strategies for increasing the performance of existing equipment, such as buying extended warranties and performing regular health assessments.

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#4. ERP Helping F&B Manufacturers Mitigate Risks in Today’s Environment

Guest author Amanda Haley highlights how ERP systems can help food and beverage companies maneuver operations throughout their inventories and supply chains. ERP solutions provide centralized data and operations throughout an entire organization, and this visibility could provide manufacturers with an advantage when it comes to tackling today’s market challenges.

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#5. 6 Best Cybersecurity Practices for the Food Supply Sector

The digital transformation throughout the food supply chain has increased vulnerabilities to  cyber threats. Guest author Greg Crowley highlights the three categories of cyber threats and shares six practices that can protect food supply businesses.

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