Cargill Unveils Asia’s Most Advanced Cocoa Development Center in Indonesia

Gresik, Indonesia, 8 November 2023 – Cargill, a leading global food and agribusiness, today announced the opening of the Cargill Cocoa Development Center, the first of its kind in Asia-Pacific  (APAC). Located in Gresik, Indonesia, the Cocoa Development Center is seamlessly integrated into  Cargill’s cocoa processing plant within the same site, designed with one purpose in mind – to enable  customer-driven innovation with greater speed and agility. Strategically situated in Indonesia, one of the  world’s largest cocoa producing countries, this pioneering Cargill Cocoa Development Center was  established to address the fast-changing Asian consumer preferences by facilitating the faster creation  of cocoa products with unique and desired taste profiles. 

“Asia stands out for its immense innovation potential as the fastest-growing region that currently  accounts for about 25% of cocoa consumption in the world. Across this region are different and  distinctive consumer palates, influenced by its geographical and cultural diversity. Cargill Cocoa  Development Center is a substantial investment that strengthens our capability to innovate for Asian  consumers as a “bean to bar” innovation partner to our customers, backed by our extensive global  supply chain networks, deep market insights and customized sustainability solutions,” said Francesca  Kleemans, Managing Director, Food Solutions Southeast Asia, Cargill

The state-of-the-art Cocoa Development Center is equipped with a comprehensive suite of facilities that enable proficiency in small-scale product and process development. It operates as an advanced pilot commercial production facility, allowing for faster prototype development and product trials from cocoa  beans to cocoa ingredients. Positioned as a one-stop shop for tailored cocoa solutions where Cargill  customers can co-create and experiment the cocoa recipes before embarking on large-scale  production, the Cocoa Development Center enhances Cargill’s existing global R&D intelligence and  networks by enabling an end-to-end innovation from cocoa product development to food and drinks  application.  

Embarking on an innovative and sustainable journey to bring tailored cocoa products to life, Cargill  invites customers to Gresik, Indonesia to co-create breakthrough solutions. “This Cocoa Development  Center serves as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and the advancement of new, sustainable  cocoa products. Through this Centre, we are excited to collaborate and innovate more closely with our  customers to bring innovative food solutions to delight consumers across Asia and the world,” added  Francesca. 

About Cargill 

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About Cargill Indonesia 

Cargill began doing business in Indonesia in 1974 by establishing a feed mill in Bogor, West Java. Today,  Cargill is headquartered in Jakarta and has more than 20,000 employees. We also have 60 locations with offices, processing plants and facilities throughout Indonesia. Cargill operates various business activities in  Indonesia in the animal nutrition sector, cocoa, copra, processed chicken products, palm oil and refined palm  oil, and sweeteners. For more information, please visit further information, please  visit

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