Twelve media brands are banding together to better serve manufacturing processes industries. Already part of BNP Media, these 12 brands have formed the Food/Beverage/Packaging Group (FPB) under a new “Go-to-Market” strategy it hopes will “exponentially improve the integration and delivery of BNP’s marketing and data solutions.”

“This reorganization is driven by the impulse to follow our clients on their journey to the various markets they are interested in,” says John Schrei, BNP Media Publishing Director.

Strategic Account Leader Michael Leonard outlines three core challenges this newly formed group addresses:

  • Sophisticated, data-driven identification and verification of marketing alliances
  • Increased packaging integration for product success and consumer engagement
  • Comprehensive editorial coverage and market analysis across food, beverage, and packaging phases, including product development and manufacturing

FBP brands include: Beverage Industry, BRANDPACKAGING, Candy Industry, Dairy Foods, Food Engineering, Flexible Packaging, INDUSTRIA ALIMENTICIA, The National Provisioner, Prepared Foods, Packaging Strategies, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods and Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery.

Source: BNP Solutions. BNP Media Forms New Food, Beverage, Packaging Group to Advance Customer-Centric Marketing Solutions; New Go-to-Market Strategy


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