The war is over between nutrition and taste. Researchers at Oregon State University have patented dulse, a translucent, red strain of seaweed. So far it’s been farmed and fed to Abalone. Now, says Chris Langdon of OSU, there may be a growing market for dulse among human consumers. Why? Simple. Because it tastes like bacon.

Thanks to a grant from the Oregon Department of Agriculture and a partnership with OSU Business faculty member Chuck Toombs, a chef’s team led by Jason Ball is experimenting with a range of recipes using Langdon’s patented dulse as the main ingredient.

Dulse is a super-food with twice the nutritional value of kale. So far, the best test-kitchen success has been with a dulse-based rice cracker and dulse salad dressing.

Source: New Food Magazine. OSU Researchers Discover a Type of Dulse that Tastes Like Bacon.


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