food safety

Amidst the growing competition for diners, restaurants’ chief concerns are food safety, labor issues, and tech spending, according to a report by AlixPartners. Their 2016 poll reveals diners’ desires and what restaurants will have to maintain to stay in business.

Here are some of the findings:

  • Fresh and local ingredients are the number one factor in selecting a healthy meal for 45% of respondents.
  • Over 25% say they would stop eating at a restaurant chain that suffered from a food safety outbreak, even if the outbreak was somewhere else in the country.
  • Half of the respondents believe restaurant workers should earn more money, with 70% of diners willing to pay more for their meals to offset the costs.
  • Though online ordering is a top priority for 54%, only 10% believe more technology should be a priority for restaurants in the coming years.  

Restaurants will have to strategically budget to keep up with increasing labor costs, appropriate and long-term technology upgrades while enticing a quality and cost-conscious public to continue dining with them.

Source: AlixPartners, Food Safety, Labor Costs, Superfluous Technology Lead List of Concerns for Restaurant Chains, Says AlixPartners Study

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