Conagra and Hormel’s internship programs made it on the list of Vault’s 50 Best Internships for 2018. Conagra is #22 and Hormel is #23.

As the food industry struggles to attract new talent, internships offer companies a way to pique young people’s interest and get them excited about prospects they might not otherwise consider. Internships also provide companies with a direct route to hire. Talk about a win-win!

For an internship to be valuable to all parties, it needs to involve more than just taking lunch orders and color coding files. Interns at Hormel and Conagra work alongside C-level executives, participate in networking events, and even join in on strategy meetings… all while learning first-hand how they fit into the modern food industry workplace.

Here’s what a few of the interns had to say:

  • Conagra: “If you want an internship making copies and fetching coffee, then an internship at Conagra Brands is not for you. If you want an internship where you’ll be challenged, given impactful work, encouraged to be creative about solving problems and asked to share your ideas, then this internship is for you.”
  • Hormel: “You will learn more than you ever expect to learn as an intern and will be treated with the respect of any other employee. Truly feel like you are making a difference and are a part of the team.”

With reviews like that, Hormel and Conagra will have no problem hiring some of their interns on full-time. The best part? Any company can do it.

Do you offer internships at your company? If you’d like to share your experience and possibly be featured in a future article about internships, email us at

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