The latest CPI report shows food prices continued their slow uptick in September with another 0.1% increase. The small rise brought the unadjusted 12-month increase up to 1.2%.

Food away from home continues upward swing

The cost of eating away from home has been consistently rising over the past few months. With another 0.3% increase in September, the unadjusted 12-month increase is up to 2.4%.

Food from home remains steady

Of the six major grocery store food group indexes, three rose and three fell.

  • Dairy -0.6%
  • Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs -0.4%
  • Fruits and vegetables -0.2%
  • Nonalcoholic beverages +0.4%

Cereals and bakery products and other food at home increased in September as well.


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