Hershey’s, Oreo, and M&M’s were named three of the top ten most trustworthy brands among consumers ages 13-36, coming in at #3, #5, and #6 respectively. Ybrands determined this year’s ranking by surveying 80,000 young people about their perceptions of over 230 popular brands.

Producers of some of our most memorable childhood (okay, and adulthood) treats ranked alongside the honest (Dove), the cool (Nike, Adidas, and Target), and the downright revolutionary (Amazon, Google, and Netflix).

Bobby Calise, VP of Ybrands, notes this year’s most trustworthy brands is “an interesting mix.” He says, “Young people may trust brands like Hershey’s, Oreo, and M&M’s because they’ve consistently made products they love for a long time — and there’s no reason not to trust them.”

M&M’s and Oreo may have a permanent spot in every Millennial’s and Gen Z’s heart based on their snacks alone, but Hershey’s is no stranger to top spots in survey-based lists. The chocolate manufacturer was recently named on the “Most Loved Brand,” “Most Reputable Company,” and “Most Diverse Company,” lists and was also called out as a “New Product Pacesetter” for their Cookie Layer Crunch brand.


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