Last month was all about trends — which ones are taking hold, how to implement them, and how consumers feel about them. Read it all in May’s top five articles.

#1. Emerging Opportunities in Food Packaging

When it comes to food innovation, there’s more to take into consideration than just the product itself. According to recent reports, rethinking your packaging could go a long way for consumer satisfaction. In this article, we explore some of the latest food packaging trends.

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#2. For Convenience-Driven Customers, Frozen Food Is the Answer

Frozen food is gaining a reputation for being a convenient, healthy option for busy consumers. Read about why the frozen food aisle is gaining popularity — and how it has changed over the past 10 years — in this article.

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#3. IFIC Survey: Standout Trends Include Plant-Based Eating, Sustainability, and More

The 2019 Food and Health Survey from The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation shows insight not only into the food industry trends that are taking hold, but factors that are driving food purchases. Plus, you’ll learn about some of the consumer confusion that still surrounds things like environmental sustainability, plant-based diets, and more.

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#4. Functional Ingredients: What Consumers Want

Functional ingredients have been on the food industry’s radar for a few years now. But what ingredients do consumers perceive as functional? And what health benefits are they looking for by incorporating functional ingredients into their diet? Check out this article for those answers (and then some).

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#5. Why Big Food Companies Are Struggling to Keep Up with Consumer Trends (and What They Can Do About It): An Interview with Tim Barder of Arthur D. Little

When it comes to innovation, there’s quite a large gap between what consumers want and what food manufacturers have to offer. Gain some insight into what food companies can do to close the gap with this interview with Tim Barder, Principal at Arthur D. Little.

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Most Popular Products in May

#1. MH 4M-2800 Hot Water Pressure Washer by Nilfisk

Nilfisk pressure washer

The MH 4M is ideal for all hot water commercial and industrial cleaning tasks. Equipped with EcoPower™ boiler, it offers ideal and best in class efficient performance level for general hot water cleaning.

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#2 MC 5M-2300 Cold Water Pressure Washer by Nilfisk

nilfisk power washerThe MC 5M mid-range cold water pressure washers are the most versatile partners for demanding customers in industrial applications.

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#3 Vacuum Table by Stone Enterprises

vacuum tableThis vacuum table is designed for the Stone Hot Dog Peeler in removing the inedible casings from hot dogs, sausages, and cocktail weenies. The vacuum table is used when a plant does not have a central vacuum system in place or is in need of additional vacuum service.

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#4 SC900 Large Walk-Behind Scrubber by Nilfisk

nilfisk walk-behind scrubberMaintaining an industrial facility can be challenging. That is why Advance developed the SC900™, a simple machine allowing facility operators to focus on core tasks in a productive manner.

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#5 Stainless Steel Trench Drain by CleanDrains

trench drainAll standard Unitherm Trench Drains are fabricated of 14 Ga. Grade 316 stainless steel. Standard drains come with perforated stainless steel pedestrian grade grating of 12 Ga (for extreme duty loads ½” thick solid plate option is required).

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