Delicious, Organic Drink Delivers Powerful Hydration in Two Refreshing Varieties: Spicy Watermelon Lemon Cayenne & Cool Watermelon Cucumber Basil – 

Nominated for Best Functional Food/Beverage by NEXTY Industry Awards

Bayonne, NJ, Aug 23, 2019 – The consumers have spoken. Watermelon, one of today’s fastest-trending fruits, has enjoyed triple-digit growth in casual and fine dining. Demand for the refreshing summer staple is on the rise even in the fall and winter months. It’s a must for any mixologist and you’ll find it on one in 10 restaurant menus.

Aptean Food and Beverage Symposium

Most of all, people just love watermelon – and they know it’s good for them.

KAYCO (www.kayco.com) is taking the beverage industry by storm with Wonder Melon™, the latest thirst-quencher for those seeking clean, uniquely flavorful new refreshment options. Wonder Melon™ is made from 100% organic cold-pressed juice with no added sugar, artificial ingredients, or artificial colorings.

Wonder Melon was recently nominated by the NEXTY Industry awards for Best Functional Food/Beverage (https://www.naturalproductsinsider.com/branding-marketing/nexty-awards-finalists-supplyside-west-2019).

The NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West recognize innovation, inspiration and integrity across a range of finished product categories—from condition-specific supplements and nutrient delivery innovation to functional food/beverage and brand storytelling. Entering your product for a NEXTY award offers unprecedented exposure to the SupplySide and Natural Products INSIDER content team and unique recognition at SupplySide West.

Wonder Melon beverages are a  healthy game-changer that comes in two exciting varieties. Watermelon Cucumber Basil is a delightfully cool concoction of real watermelon juice, lemon juice, apple juice, cucumber juice, and basil, with only 80 calories per 8.45 oz. bottle. Watermelon Lemon Cayenne wakes up the taste buds with real watermelon juice, lemon juice, apple juice, and a dash of cayenne at just 100 calories per 8.45 oz. bottle.

“Wonder Melon™ perfectly captures what consumers are looking for right now,” says Kim Cassar, Kayco’s EVP Sales & Marketing – Beyond Division.  “It’s not only healthful and out of the ordinary, but also undeniably trendy and irresistibly delicious. We’re confident that Wonder Melon™ will make a huge splash this summer.”

Both varieties are non-GMO verified, certified Fair Trade, USDA organic, and certified OU kosher (parve). Packaged 6 bottles per case ($3.99/bottle MSRP), Wonder Melon™ is available in the refrigerator section at Shop-Rite, Fairway, Best Market, independent grocers and Amazon.  Follow them on social media:  Instagram – WonderMelonJuice and Twitter  #wondermelon.

Watermelon Stats

According to Menu Trends research by the Watermelon Board:

  • All regions across the U.S. are experiencing increased use of watermelon.
  • Watermelon is featured in one of 10 menus – up by 27% in the last four years.
  • Watermelon is one of the fastest fruit flavors in non-alcoholic beverages, with 29% four-year growth.
  • 82% of consumers surveys said they liked the taste of watermelon.

Wonderful Watermelon Facts

Watermelon’s 92% water content is excellent for hydration. It contains a bounty of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals associated with the following:

  • Digestive health
  • Eye, skin, and hair health
  • Sun protection
  • Diabetes protection
  • Heart and blood vessel health
  • Weight loss
  • Combating asthma
  • Weight loss
  • Nerve function
  • Reduction of inflammation

Wonder Melon™ Recipes:

Summer Refresher
2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. Watermelon juice
1/4 oz. Simple syrup
1 oz. Lemon juice
1 oz. Wonder Melon™ with Juice, Watermelon, Cucumber and Basil
Sugar rim

Wonder Melon Rita
2 oz. Tequila
1 1/2 Wonder Melon™ with Juice, Watermelon, lemon, and cayenne
1 oz. Lime juice
1 Packet of sugar
Top with water, blueberries and mint leaves


About Kayco Beyond

Kayco is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of kosher foods. Its expanded Kayco Beyond Division sources and distributes new products to the general market beyond kosher, to meet the demands of consumers looking for optional products that are healthful, convenient and/or for restricted diets and lifestyles. These brands include Dorot, Absolutely Gluten Free, Beetology, Mighty Sesame, Tuscanini Foods, Wissotzky Tea Co. and new Wonder Melon™. They are headquartered in Bayonne, NJ. (www.KAYCO.com).

Photo:  Wonder Melon™ is the latest thirst-quencher for those seeking clean, uniquely flavorful new refreshment options.  It’s made from 100% organic cold-pressed juice with no added sugar, artificial ingredients, or artificial colorings. Look for the official Wonder Melon™ Mobile Trucks hitting the streets of New York summer 2019.

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