Do you need a gap transporter for your production line and want to skip all the emails and phone calls typically associated with purchasing equipment? No problem! The Food Industry Executive Supplier Catalog has always allowed you to browse equipment from top suppliers. But now, you can purchase select standard items directly, including a long arm gap transporter from Garvey

Series 1550-II Long Arm (36″) Gap Transporter by Garvey

Garvey’s gap transporter, also known as a bottomless conveyor, is a versatile workhorse with depucking, elevating, spacing, label inspecting, and bottom coding capabilities. With adjustments, it can be used as a gap transfer conveyor.

garvey gap transporterStandard Configuration

  • Series: 1550-II Long Arm (36”) Gap Transporter
  • Finish: 304 SSt w/#4 Vinyl Coat
  • Belt: Red Alphatex
  • Supports: Base Support
  • Elevation: Manual Handknob Adj. from 24″ to 44″
  • Tilt: Manual Handknob Adj. 20° in two (2) directions
  • Drive: DC Variable Speed w/SCR Controller by Garvey
  • Motor: 1/4 HP DC Motor, 1750 RPM, TENV, Permanent Magnet
  • Reducer: Garvey Std
  • Speed: 0-120 FPM
  • Bearings: Garvey Std
  • Belt Sprockets: Plated Steel
  • Volts/Hz/Ph: 115/60/1

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