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You’re not going to want to miss these headlines! In these reader favorites, you’ll learn about cobots, smart packaging, the next superfoods, and more.

#1. Did You Know? Your Next Co-Worker Might Be a Cobot

In the first installment of our “Did You Know?” series, we explore one of the hottest new tech trends: cobots. You’ll learn the difference between cobots and robots, how cobots are poised to impact the food industry, how emerging technologies could affect human jobs, and more.

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#2. New Packaging Technologies That Promote Sustainability and Food Safety

Food packaging matters now more than ever, and new technology is driving significant positive change. Here we cover how food packaging is evolving in response to the demand for more sustainable packaging and heightened food safety. 

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#3. The Rise of Superfoods: What’s Coming Next?

First came bananas, then came kale. So what’s next in superfoods? From CBD to microgreens and elderberries, the front-runners in the superfood space aren’t just packed full of nutrients and functionality. They also present ripe sales opportunities for innovative food companies. 

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#4. Consumers Not Sweet on Sugar, According to Social Media Conversations

As alternative sweeteners take the food industry by storm, according to social media chatter, sugar is losing its competitive edge. Find out why consumers are favoring things like erythritol and monk fruit over traditional sugar.

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#5. 127 Food and Beverage Companies Make the 2019 Inc. 5000

Inc. magazine recently published its list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies. And this year, 127 food companies made the list. 

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