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And just like that, October is upon us. Catch up on your reading with these audience favorites from last month. 

#1. Did You Know? The Birth of a New Food or Beverage Product

Our new “Did You Know” series covers hot topics and innovative technologies in the rapidly evolving food and beverage processing and packaging industry. This time, we dive into what it takes to make a food or beverage product dream become a reality. 

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#2. Companies Racing to Introduce Plant-Based Meat

When you think about plant-based meat companies, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat probably come to mind. But they’re not the only players in the game. 

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#3. Finding the Why Behind Functional Food Trends

Tastewise, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to predict future food trends, analyzed social media interactions, restaurant menus, and home recipes posted online to identify what’s next in food. Here’s what they found. 

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#4. Trade, Traceability, Talent, and Technology: Opportunities and Challenges from Sage’s 2019 Manufacturing Report

Changing regulatory conditions, increasing pressure for traceability, and the talent shortage are challenging process manufacturers, Sage’s 2019 Manufacturing Report shows. Find out what the results mean for the food industry in this article. 

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#5. Robots, Cobots Featured in IBIE Innovation Showcase

What’s new in the baking industry? Well, as IBIE showed in September, it’s robots and other innovative technologies. Here’s a peek at some of the robot applications that were on display in IBIE’s Innovation Showcase.

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