From reducing salt and other unwanted ingredients to maximizing taste, texture, and health benefits, we saw a lot of exciting developments at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) this year. Here’s a look at some of the latest-and-greatest ingredients that were on display at IBIE’s Innovation Showcase.

Clean label ingredients

Today’s consumers are paying more attention to labels, looking for minimally-processed products with recognizable ingredients. Here are a few new ingredients helping manufacturers meet the clean label demand: 

  • Manildra Group launched three clean label wheat protein isolates — GemPro Plus, GemPro Prime-W, and GemPro Prime-E — to boost protein in both organic and conventional bakery products without negatively impacting flavor. GemPro Plus contains 85% protein content, while Prime-W and Prime-E contain 90%.

  • Pea TVP, from Cereal Ingredients, Inc., is a new textured vegetable protein for use in snacks and baked goods. It’s both clean label and allergy-friendly.

  • Corbion’s Verdad MP 100 is a clean label mold inhibitor and pH controller made from a combination of vinegar and natural flavoring. It’s as effective as calcium propionate at limiting mold, and it keeps baked goods fresh without taking away from their flavors.

Sodium reduction

Cutting down on salt intake is still on heavy the minds of consumers. While dietary guidelines suggest 2,300 mg a day, the average American consumes closer to 3,400 mg. 

Delavau Food Partners by SafPro is hoping to be part of the solution, offering a dough conditioner designed to reduce sodium content by up to 45%. It’s called Accent 6500, and it’s able to cut salt without making the dough sticky or negatively impacting processing and handling. As an added bonus, it also boosts calcium content. 

Taste and texture enhancements

IBIE also had a fair share of products to satisfy consumer cravings for new and adventurous flavors:

  • LeSaffre Yeast Corp. showcased its Fleurage Seeds and Fleurage Semolina as toppings for bakery products such as breads, bagels, pretzels, and pizza. The seeds and semolina add an aromatic flavor to the taste experience.

  • To support the open texture and chewy crust of ciabatta bread, Brolite introduced its Pane Bucato base. Made from non-GMO wheat, it helps maintain the structure of the bread, even when used with messy sandwiches.

  • Ardent Mills brought back an heirloom wheat to give baked goods a buttery yellow color, lasting sweet flavor, and nutty texture. This White Sonora Wheat is available in flour, wheat berry, and individually quick frozen (IQF) formats.

Health-boosting alternatives

Inspired by concerns about nut allergies and supply shortages, Inclusion Technologies formulated a line of nut analogs, extenders, and replacers. The company’s most recent 100% nut-free product is Nadanut Pralines, which was presented at IBIE. Nadanut Pralines offer the same look, taste, texture, and functional benefits of real pralines without the high price of pecans. 

And health-conscious consumers hoping to increase their fiber intake will be pleased with Bay State Milling’s Healthsense high fiber wheat flour. Compared to traditional wheat flour, this flour contains more than 10 times the amount of dietary fiber. Bakeries can use Healthsense as a cost-effective flour substitute that won’t negatively influence taste or texture or add calories to the final product.