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We’ve arrived in the final quarter of the year. If you missed September’s food industry news, here are our top articles from the month to keep you informed. 

#1. Operationalizing COVID-19 Guidance: How To Keep Your Workers Safe

COVID-19 guidance is everywhere — from the CDC, OSHA, the FDA, and more. But how do you effectively put all that guidance into practice at your plant? Paul Medeiros of NSF International talks about strategies for keeping workers safe in an industry where COVID cases have been soaring.

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#2. COVID-19 Increases Consumer Demand for Functional Foods and Beverages

As a result of the COVID crisis, consumers are buying more functional foods and beverages. And a new study from the Hartman Group predicts this might be a long-term shift in consumer behavior. 

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#3. Health and Wellness, Plant-Based Trends Drive Shifts in Consumer Behaviors

Prompted by the pandemic, three out of four consumers say they’re focusing more on staying healthy. Recent research identified several shifts in consumer behavior, and all of them have something to do with health and wellness.

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#4. 4 Ways Science Can Strengthen the Food Supply Chain During a Pandemic

This year has brought many challenges to the food industry — including heightened safety regulations, changing consumer demands, and supply chain disruptions. Find out how advancements in science and technology can help the industry navigate these challenges. 

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#5. Pet Food Sustainability: Beyond the Package

As sustainability moves from trend to structural change, pet owners are looking at more than packaging materials when picking out their pet’s food. From sustainable sourcing to animal welfare, learn what else is driving pet product purchasing decisions.

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