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Sales of plant-based food grew 27% to more than $7 billion, according to the latest data from the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) and the Good Food Institute. Nearly six in 10 (57%) of US households bought plant-based food last year.

Citing data from Cypress Research Group, PBFA notes that the increase in consumption is due in part to COVID-19, as consumers sought immune-boosting foods and also had more time to cook at home.

By sales, the largest plant-based food categories last year were milk ($2.5 billion) and meat ($1.4 billion). Plant-based milk now makes up 15% of the milk category and is purchased by 49% of US households. Sales of plant-based meat grew 45% last year, purchased by 18% of households and now accounting for almost 3% of total retail packaged meat sales.

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The fastest-growing categories were eggs (+168%), and dairy spreads, dips, sour cream, and sauces (+83%). Only one category — baked goods and cookies — saw a decrease (-1%) last year.

plant-based food sales
Source: Plant Based Foods Association

For more information, including what type of consumers are most likely to purchase plant-based foods, view the full report.

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