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Elemental, the UK-based Agri-Food tech company that enables meat processors to capture more protein and fat per animal, as well as reducing waste by converting by-products into an organo-mineral fertiliser, has announced the appointment of Alex Gardener as its new Managing Director – Food Ingredients.

With over 25 years’ experience in the food industry, Alex has a strong track record of introducing innovative new products into the market, developing brands, manufacturing process and product development and building strong customer and supplier relationships within the food ingredients industry. He joins Elemental following a 15-year career as MD of ambient grocery food manufacturer, Jardox Limited, where he oversaw the development and marketing of stock and umami enhancers.

Alex’s appointment is the second significant hire for the tech firm so far this year, following chief executive Dean Hislop’s appointment earlier in the year.

Dean Hislop said: “Alex’s knowledge of the sector and his expertise of growing food businesses, creating brands and products, will be vital in driving our ambitions to reduce waste in food manufacturing, through a fully circular recovery process.”

Alex Gardener said: “Elemental’s overarching ethos is to avoid waste by recovering more protein and fat direct at source and turn unavoidable processing waste into a sustainable product thereby recovering the minerals and nutrients which would otherwise be lost.  This is what first attracted me to the business and I’m excited to now be working with a process technology that can make a difference on a global scale by addressing longstanding environmental and sustainability issues for the meat industry. The process extracts an impressive protein equivalent to an additional 40kg plus of lean meat per head of cattle.

“We’ve recently secured our first major commercial partnership and we’re already involved in discussions with other meat processors that will see even wider adoption of our process technology.”

Elemental holds patents and intellectual property for an innovative food manufacturing and nutrient recovery process.  The process avoids waste by capturing valuable proteins and fats direct at source and then reduces waste by recovering the valuable minerals and nutrients from processing by-products in the form of a organo-mineral fertiliser.  Turning an international food waste problem into valuable and sustainable products with nutritional, economic and environmental benefits.

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About Elemental

Elemental is a Devon based technology company established in August 2012. Elemental’s focus is to reduce the economic cost and environmental impact of organic waste materials from meat processing through the conversion into food ingredients (stocks, extracts and edible fats) and organo-mineral fertilisers.

Elemental installs process technology that creates a significant income stream for meat processing and food manufacturers. It does this by recovering valuable proteins and fats in the form of food ingredients and creating a phosphate-rich fertiliser for crop and soil enhancement.

Its food ingredient products are traceable, high quality and sustainable, safe for the human food chain and improve the capture of protein and fat while avoiding the creation of waste. The process also recovers valuable minerals and nutrients through the onsite conversion of animal by-product waste streams into nutrient rich fertiliser, leaving zero waste.

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