Continuous Processors Automatically Adjust to Accommodate Changes in Temperature, Humidity, Raw Materials

Readco CP Monitors Process Parameters to Ensure Consistent Quality At All Times

York, PA: Continuous Processors from process equipment manufacturer Readco Kurimoto, LLC, York, Pa. (, automatically adjust their process parameters to maintain consistent product quality despite changes in ambient air temperature, pressure, and humidity, and/or in raw material properties. Offered as an option with the company’s turnkey approach, the Continuous Processors monitor the process 24/7 using temperature sensors, moisture analyzers, viscometers, and other instrumentation as appropriate. The residence time, temperature, ingredient addition rates and ratios, and/or other parameters are adjusted automatically in real-time with closed loop controls based on pre-programmed trigger points and applied in seconds without interrupting the process or producing off-spec product.

Devised for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, nutrition, and other companies producing identical products at multiple locations, the Continuous Processors accommodate geographic variations in weather, altitude, materials and other inputs to ensure the products manufactured on different processing lines match the same target specifications. Proven in hundreds of installations worldwide, the Continuous Processors mix, blend, react, compound, crystallize and/or perform other processes with multiple liquid, dry and viscous materials in a single step.

The continuous systems are custom-engineered for each product and process and may be tested at the company’s on-site test laboratory using customer materials and formulations. Performance is verified in advance with results guaranteed.

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