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From cultured meat and fermentation to crucial company initiatives, here’s a quick review of our top posts from July. 

#1. Why CSR Should Be Part of Your Company’s DNA

Both consumers and employees are showing an increasing preference for purchasing from or working for companies that share their values. This guest article highlights key areas to focus on to ensure that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in your company, making a positive impact on customers, employees, and the community. 

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#2. Zest Labs v. Walmart: 115 Million Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Trade Secret Assets

Amid fast-paced food innovation, the increasing speed and ease of information transfer, and recent legal proceedings, it’s become more important for food companies to focus on how they share and protect their trade secrets.

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#3. Why Big Ag Can’t Afford to Ignore Cultured Meat Technology

Though traditional farm-raised meat still stands out over cultured meat in terms of taste, consumers are seeing the sustainability and animal welfare benefits of cultured meat. And as technology advances and prices lower, cultured meat will quickly grow into a serious competitor.

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#4. Three Imperatives to Turn an Enterprise Software Implementation Into a Digital Transformation

Enterprise software may be a business critical tool, but with failure rates for ERP implementation estimated to be between 55% to 75%, it’s not a quick fix solution. This guest article focuses on best practices for approaching technology adoption to ensure a successful digital transformation.

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#5. Fermentation in Alternative Proteins

As the “third technological pillar of the alternative protein revolution,” fermentation is the focus of a new report from GFI. It’s an emerging approach to the alternative protein industry — more than 80% of the companies using fermentation for this purpose are less than five years old. 

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