The Consumer Brands Association today sent a letter to the White House requesting clarification on how best to implement President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan.

The organization said in a blog post that member companies had submitted over 50 unique questions needing clarification. Here are a few of the issues the CBA is seeking additional guidance for:


  • What is considered documentation for proof of vaccination and how will booster doses be factored into compliance?
  • Must an employee be fully vaccinated in order to work?
  • How will the requirements address natural immunity? Will individuals that have contracted COVID-19 be required to be vaccinated or submit to testing requirements?


  • Is there a single testing standard that must be met that would be considered compliant to the negative test result requirement?
  • What is considered to be suitable documentation of a negative test result?
  • What are the consequences of falsifying test results and does responsibility rest with the individual or employer?


  • When will the requirements be formally issued and what is the timeline for compliance?
  • How does this mandate impact locations with collective bargaining agreements?
  • Will this federal requirement preempt existing state-imposed obligations?

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