Tasty vegetarian vegan lunch with hamburger made from vegetables based burger, organic bun with seeds and fresh garden vegetables and french fried potatoes

Plant-based meat is becoming a popular choice for consumers. A new survey conducted by Piplsay found that over half (54%) of Americans have tried fake meat items at fast food chains and close to three-quarters (70%) enjoyed their experience.

The survey, which polled 30,700 American adults, found that 42% of respondents tried plant-based meat for health reasons. Other reasons include flavor (34%) and environmental reasons (24%). The majority of respondents (60%) said they would continue eating plant-based meat during subsequent visits.

Burger King was the top chain where respondents have tried these products (41%), while 10% of respondents have tried them at Starbucks, Subway, and Wendy’s.

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Plant-based meat was ordered by meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Of the 54% of respondents who have tried fake or plant-based meat, 39% said they are meat eaters and  15% said they are vegan/vegetarian.

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