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Need to catch up on the latest food industry news? Our most-read articles for September highlight regulations regarding lab-grown meat, an energy efficient means of freezing food, and plant-based trends and safety.

#1. USDA Seeks Comments on Lab-Grown Meat Labeling

The USDA’s Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) published a notice to solicit comments and information about labeling meat and poultry products that use cultured animal cells. Aside from new labeling regulations, the FSIS doesn’t intend to issue any new safety regulations for these products.

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#2. Isochoric Freezing: A More Energy Efficient Way to Freeze Food

New research shows that switching from isobaric to isochoric freezing would significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions. There are several benefits of this process, the biggest being that it will not require a major investment in equipment.

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#3. Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Gain Popularity

Plant-based meat is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, primarily for health, flavor, and environmental reasons. Burger King was noted as the top chain where consumers tried these products.

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#4. Ensuring Product Quality and Safety of Plant-Based Foods

The plant-based sector is growing, estimated at $3.1 billion in 2020. But tapping into that growth potential requires close attention to product safety and quality. This guest article highlights the contamination risks involved in plant based production and how to prevent them.

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#5. PepsiCo Announces Ambitious New Sustainability Program

PepsiCo’s new sustainability program, PepsiCo Positive, or pep+, commits to a plan that centers around sustainability while creating growth and value. Key themes include positive agriculture, positive value chain, and positive choices.

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