This week’s roundup of new products features baking and seasoning mixes, plant-based fish, and sweet treats.

Good Good: Pancake and Waffle Mix

Good Good just announced its keto- and diabetic-friendly Pancake and Waffle Mix, sweetened with erythritol for a low-calorie breakfast with no added sugar.

Like Good Good’s other products, the new mix is gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of artificial sweeteners. It’s available in a 9.3 pouch for $11.99.

American Licorice Company: Halloween Candy

To celebrate the spooky season, American Licorice Company launched a wide variety of Halloween-themed candies:

  • Red Vines® Candy Corn Twists
  • American Licorice Company® Bewitching Box
  • Sour Punch® Spooky Straws
  • Sour Punch® Mummy Mix
  • Sour Punch® Halloween Twists
  • Sour Punch® Bats & Pumpkins
  • Red Vines® Ghoulish Grape Ropes
  • Torie + Howard Halloween Chewie Fruities

The lineup is now available for purchase online and in stores. 

Jar Joy: Desserts

Jar Joy introduced a line of individually-packaged, grab-and-go desserts made with all natural ingredients in a range of flavors: 

  • Pie flavors: Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter Fudge Pie, Coco Loco Caramel, and Mississippi Mud 
  • Cheesecake flavors: Summer Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Cookies n’ Cream
  • Cake-inspired cheesecake flavors: Birthday Cake, Death by Chocolate, and Red Velvet. 

Sold in packs of two ($2.98 – $3.98) four ($7.98 – $9.98), and six ($9.98 – $11.98), the single-serving jars are stackable, portable, and have a longer shelf life than traditional baked goods.


KARAVELA, a producer of canned fish in Europe, recently announced FISH PEAS, a new brand of plant-based canned seafood products.

The new product line includes salads, spreads, and flakes made with yellow peas, one of the most sustainable plant proteins. Products are clean-label, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.  

Hi Mountain Seasonings: Country Style Breakfast Sausage

Hi Mountain Seasonings released its new Country Style sausage seasoning, which can be mixed with ground pork or other meats to make breakfast sausages.

The new kit includes seasonings for 24 lbs. of meat and is available online and through retailers nationwide for $8.49.