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Need to catch up on the latest food industry news? Our most-read articles for January include food manufacturing trends to watch for in 2022, a look at the latest pet food ingredient trends, and information about consumer understanding and expectations surrounding sustainability.

#1. Four Food Manufacturing Trends To Expect in 2022

This article by guest author Douglas Woodruff discusses trends impacted by the pandemic, as well as new solutions to address factors likes labor shortages and the shifting balance between retail products and food service. Woodruff takes a close look at the four trends that are set to dominate food manufacturing in 2022.

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Aptean Food and Beverage Symposium

#2. Innovations Poised to Benefit the Food Industry

This article by guest author John Rowley shares the findings of an independent study commissioned by NSF that identified concerns around food safety, recruitment, retention, team member training, and the supply chain. He also highlights innovative solutions that are supporting the success and recovery of the food sector.

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Supplier Catalog - Provisur#3. Building the Future of Sustainability in the Food Supply Chain

In this article, guest author Patrick Pilz addresses the current challenges to making steps toward food sustainability. He discusses how emerging technologies can support a sustainable supply chain and reduce costs.

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#4. Alternative Proteins, Functional Foods Driving Pet Food Ingredient Trends

The humanization of pets is behind many of the emerging trends in pet food. As pet owners gravitate toward plant-based meals and other health-focused trends, those trends are carrying over to their pet food purchases.

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#5. How Do Consumers Really Feel About Sustainability?

Sustainability is a strong influencer of consumer purchasing, with the majority of consumers shifting to shopping more sustainably over the past five years. This article takes a closer look at how consumers understand sustainability and how it influences their behaviors and expectations.

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