Photo: Fresh Cravings

From family-sized hummus products to plant-based spaghetti, here are a few of the products hitting the shelves this week. 

Fresh Cravings: Family-Sized Hummus

Photo: Fresh Cravings

Fresh Cravings announced the release of its first-ever family-sized hummus containers (17 oz.), a size up from the brand’s original 10 oz. product. 

The new size is now available for purchase at select retailers nationwide and comes in four of the company’s popular flavors — Roasted Red Pepper, Honey Jalapeño, Classic, and Roasted Garlic. All of Fresh Cravings’ hummus products are made with Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a smooth flavor and texture.  

Picnic Brunch: Canned Cocktails

Photo: Picnic Brunch

Beginning June 18, Picnic Brunch’s ready-to-drink mimosas, bellinis, and bloody marys will be available direct-to-consumer.

The canned cocktails were previously only available in stores in a handful of states, but a partnership with Shopify will expand the brand’s reach to consumers in 41 states. 

Consumers can purchase a 12-pack of the drinks for $44.97 plus $10.99 shipping, or a case of 24 for $89.96 with $5.99 shipping.

ZENB: Plant-Based Spaghetti

Photo: ZENB

ZENB is adding a first-of-its-kind spaghetti product to its plant-based pasta lineup. 

The new spaghetti is made with 100% yellow peas, skins included. Yellow peas are a “rising star of the legume category,” requiring less water to grow and providing nutrients to the soil. 

ZENB Spaghetti contains no artificial flavors or preservatives but is a good source of protein (17 grams per serving) and an excellent source of fiber (11 grams per serving). The new product is also gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher.

ZENB’s products are available direct-to-consumer at 

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