Suanfarma USA Reinforces Commitment to Fair Trade, Organic Ingredients

With the opening of a new facility in Utah, Suanfarma USA will rapidly cover the demand for organic ingredients for West Coast customers

Salt Lake City, Utah – Suanfarma USA expands its commitment to develop and market sustainable botanical ingredients for the US market. The company has attained USDA Organic and Fair for Life (FFL) certifications at its New Jersey site and for the new facility in Utah to serve the high demand from customers on the West Coast. With these two locations, Suanfarma USA can more efficiently cover market demand.

The new facility, with an impressive 165,000 sq. ft. of storage and 30,000 sq. ft. of refrigerated storage, has all the systems necessary to uphold the quality of FFL and organic-certified ingredients. FFL certification endorses a solid dedication to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and ethical supply chain practices. The certification effort underscores Suanfarma’s commitment to making a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Fair For Life Commitment

Suanfarma USA partners with reliable suppliers who undergo a significant evaluation process to ensure they offer high-quality ingredients to the market. “We are proudly increasing our organic, Fair For Life ingredients line, including ashwagandha extract, banaba leaf extract, organic cinnamon powder, melissa (lemon balm) extract, tart cherry powder, organic turmeric powder, organic ginger powder, and many others,” says Tammy Walton, Business Development Manager for Suanfarma USA.

“We believe fair trade should apply to the entire supply chain,” Walton continues. “This requires ensuring everyone involved in the process is fairly treated, and that environmental considerations are paramount. Ultimately, this ensures Suanfarma USA can offer a great range of trusted organic ingredients. A transparent and ethical supply chain is vital to all stakeholders, and we are excited to continue making a positive and lasting impact on society and the world we share.”

Sustainability Sourcing

Suanfarma USA’s main supplier provides comprehensive support to its farmers, from supplying cultivation materials to ensuring the dispatch of harvested produce after primary processing on the farm. Its field officers regularly visit the farms to supervise and provide technical and financial assistance as needed. It also upcycles solid herbal waste into vermicompost for use as manure by neighboring farms and gardens. The effluent water is thoroughly treated and used for gardening purposes. There are multiple dust collectors in all area operations to minimize pollution and enhance safety for their workers.

Access to Branded Ingredients

Besides its full range of organic, FFL ingredients, Suanfarma USA customers also get access to the company´s innovative branded line of wellness (Metabolaid®, Move!Plx®, and RelaxPlx®) and beauty-from-within (Nutroxsun®, Zeropollution®, and Eternalyoung®) ingredients. All these proprietary ingredients are backed by clinical studies, and recognized worldwide through international awards. Zeropollution® was recently awarded the ingredient of the year in the “Beauty from Within” category, and Metabolaid® won the ingredient of the year in the Weight Management category at the NutraIngredients USA Awards 2023.

About Suanfarma USA

Suanfarma USA, founded 25 years ago, is a B2B life science partner specializing in the development, production, and commercialization of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary industries. It is purposefully crafted to achieve exceptional growth in branded ingredients, while simultaneously strengthening its market position in bioactive ingredients. This is accomplished through an unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and Suanfarma’s distinguished reputation as a trusted authority in the nutraceutical industry. Within its state-of-the-art R&D department, Suanfarma USA focuses on enriching dietary supplementation, identifying crucial ingredients for overall wellbeing, and employing cutting-edge technologies for production. Suanfarma USA is a true global player and reliable partner, driving innovation in novel products and customer service.

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