Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Wabel French Wine, Beers & Spirits Summit

Rejoignez-nous au Wabel French Wine, Beers & Spirits Summit, pour deux jours de B2B Smart Meetings avec des partenaires sélectionnés en fonction de vos besoins, et votre agenda sur mesure. Ces […]

Wabel Beers & Ciders Summit

The Wabel Beers & Ciders Summit will consist of two days to meet potential business partners during pre-matched and pre-scheduled B2B Smart Meetings™ to bring together curated buyers and vetted suppliers from […]

How Will Big Data and AI Change Poultry Growing?

Relatively inexpensive sensors, widespread use of IoT technologies, cloud computing, AI and machine learning are making it possible to gather and analyze data from all the poultry houses in a […]

Low-Pass WGS: Revolutionizing Genome-Wide Association Studies

The usage of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) continues to grow in the discovery and development of disease models; however, they are often restricted to interrogation within predefined European ancestry populations. […]