Monday, October 3, 2022
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Food Industry Webinars & Online Events

Fight Food Waste With Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability cannot be just a buzzword — it has to be a priority to protect supply chains, product quality, and the environment. According to the U.N., roughly 1.3 trillion tons […]

CFI Illuminate: Free-From Labeling

The Center for Food Integrity hosts this special Illuminate presentation focused on consumer perceptions of "free-from" food labels. MotivBase will share its latest research on consumer views and emerging trends. You will have […]

Mass scaling of your sustainable and nutritious new food

How efficiently can you predict complex product and process performance in the virtual world? Register today to see several real-world applications of multiphysics simulation in the Food and Beverage Industry—Computational […]

Lunch & Learn: Sustainability in Motion

During this webinar, Kerry will uncover these evolving consumers’ sustainability associations and discuss how your organization can take action to address them. Together, with Kerry, we can make an impact […]

Webinar: Natasha’s Law- New Allergen Legislation

Governments across the UK have introduced new legislation referred to as ‘Natasha’s Law’. From 1 October 2021 any food business selling pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) food will have to […]

Reducing CPG Sales and Distribution OPEX with AI and ML

Coca-Cola Bottlers saved $10 million dollars in sales and distribution OPEX, by using AI and ML-based solutions. In this webinar, CONA Services' Saurabh Parikh and Quantiphi's Chetan Dolzake are going […]