Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Food Industry Webinars & Online Events



How BUILT Bars Built a COVID Health Check Culture

From Beekeeper: Join the BUILT Team discuss their COVID Health Culture Hear from Built Brands’ VP of HR, Shannon McQuarrie, and Director of HR, Shane Fisher during a Q&A with […]

Supply Chain Disruptions: A Health Check for Your Operations

The one constant in supply chain management is disruption — new competitors, new technologies, new trends, new roadblocks. With every disruption happening simultaneously, the food and beverage supply chain resiliency is currently […]

Webinar: Making the case for MRO Materials Management

From Verusen: Discover how Verusen & Machine Compare are helping global manufacturers to bypass the data cleansing required to: Understand materials data Optimise both inventory and procurement Eliminate waste Easily market their […]