Grass fed raw angus beef meat. Different cuts of raw fresh angus beef meat: sirloin steak, ground and chopped meat on a wooden cutting board

On Monday, the Biden administration released an action plan to make the meat and poultry supply chain more resilient. This follows the results of an investigation into anticompetitive practices that have resulted in the dominant meat companies reporting record profits while consumers pay more and farmers make less. The administration notes that “meat and poultry prices are the single largest contributor to the rising cost of food people consume at home.”

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The action plan includes funding for the following:

  • Expanding independent processing capacity
    • $375 million to jump-start independent processing projects
    • $275 million to help independent processors access credit
    • More than $1 billion in guaranteed loans to help independent producers access food processing and distribution infrastructure
  • Supporting workers and the independent processor industry
    • $100 million to support workforce training and development and safety programs
    • $50 million in technical assistance to help companies create new capacity or expand existing capacity
    • $100 million in reduced overtime inspection fees for small and very small poultry, meat, and egg processing plants
    • $32 million in grants to help existing independent processors meet inspection requirements to serve more markets

The administration also announced plans to issue stronger rules related to anticompetitive practices, issue new “Product of USA” labeling rules, and work to increase transparency in cattle markets.

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