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For the 90% of consumers who snack daily, company values are key, according to Frito-Lay’s just-released 2022 Snack Index. The top values driving purchases are sustainability practices, community impact around food access, and how companies treat their employees.

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Aside from these values, consumers look for flavor innovation and combinations. More than one-third (35%) said innovation is the top factor impacting snacking choices. And across all demographics, 42% consumers prefer flavor combinations like sweet and spicy or tangy and salty over other categories, including regional and international flavors.

More key findings:

  • On the sustainability front, consumers are more interested in naturally sourced ingredients than in production-related factors (e.g., recyclable or compostable packaging).
  • Parents are more likely than non-parents to replace meals with snacks several times per week.
  • Consumers often try new flavors in a snack first and then try other foods with that same flavor.
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