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The pandemic has changed the way Americans eat. According to new research from the Portion Balance Coalition, 58% of consumers are eating smaller portions compared to what they consumed before the COVID-19 pandemic. Half (50%) are also choosing more portion-controlled snacks.

Consumers are also making healthier choices about what they eat:

  • 72% are eating more meals at home
  • 61% are drinking more low- or no-sugar sweetened beverages
  • 60% are choosing more snacks lower in sugar, sodium, or fat

The desire for portion control is impacting purchasing behavior. More than half (53%) of consumers said they buy multi-packages with predetermined portion sizes, while 45% said they buy smaller packages of food items to help them manager how much they eat (up from 38% in 2019) and 44% said they do the same with beverages (up from 40% in 2019).

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