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Millennials Prioritize Food Health, Sustainability

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When it comes to making food purchasing decisions, Millennials prioritize health, taste, sustainability, and company transparency, according to a recent analysis of 12.5 million social media posts and other online commentaries.

The study, conducted by CBD Marketing, found consistent likes and dislikes among Millennials. Millennials represent $10 trillion in lifetime buying power. Smart businesses can take advantage of these insights to develop products that will resonate with this audience and also create targeted marketing campaigns.

Millennial likes

  • Cooking and food prep
  • Smoothies and breakfast food
  • Cultural meals and flavors
  • Meal kits and alternative food delivery methods
  • Environmentally conscious, transparent food manufacturers
  • Specialty grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods
  • Sparkling and plain water, green tea, alternative juices, and drinks promoting natural energy, digestive health, and immunity
  • Plant-based milk, kombucha, and cold brew

Millennial dislikes

  • Steak and potatoes
  • The frozen meal section and snack aisle
  • Walmart and other multi-purpose grocery stores
  • Pop and soda, fruit juices, and diet shakes
  • Fad diet foods, fat-free options, TV dinners, and other convenience foods
  • Cow’s milk
  • Plain coffee

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