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As a follow-up to its latest report on global consumer trends, ADM recently named five pet nutrition trends that are sure to drive market growth in 2023. 

The humanization of pets is prompting owners to look into products that benefit their pets’ overall health and wellbeing — tackling everything from physical challenges like weight management and skin and coat health to behavioral issues like anxiety. More than half of pet owners take health claims into consideration when purchasing pet food, and they look for label claims like “clinically tested” and “vet recommended” in treats and supplements.

The gut microbiome is perhaps the top health-related issue on pet owners’ minds. Six in 10 prefer that the pet foods and treats they buy benefit digestive health, and nearly 30% of pet owners in the U.S. have been seeking information about their pet’s microbiome over the past year. Manufacturers looking to support pet digestive health can use bacterial strains like Bacillus subtilis, PreforPro, and Pro-Kolin Advanced.

Almost 90% pet owners also recognize the importance of taking steps to prevent issues so their pets can live long, healthy lives. This proactive and customized approach caters to the individual needs of their pets. Owners of younger pets, for example, might purchase general wellness and immune-boosting products, while aging pets may benefit from ingredients that support joint health, mobility, and organ function. 

Though high-quality, natural ingredients are a priority, pet parents also want their pets to enjoy the foods and treats they buy. Premium products deliver on both ingredient quality and sensory experience — with eye-catching colors, fun flavors, and new treat formats. They can also make mealtimes more exciting with food toppers and mix-ins.  

Lastly, consumers are seeking pet products that are planet-friendly. More than 40% are interested in pet foods with sustainably sourced ingredients, and 72% will choose one product over another if they believe it’s better for the environment. 

For a more in-depth look at these trends, see ADM’s full report.

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